How to consume Media?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

As humans, we’re used to consuming, food, water, entertainment, and news.

And now online platforms are major supporters of educational and informative content that fulfills any interest, we can find all sorts of info online but some of us still choose to consume content that harms us mentally and emotionally.

We are used to spending hours on anything with a screen, being a part of the 21st century goes hand in hand or should we say screen in hand.

We’re bombarded with news and information wherever we go, seems kind of inescapable at times.

It can take a toll on our emotional and mental health seeing 5% of a person’s glamorous life and wonder how and when can we reach that type of life or consuming a lot of news about certain places that are dealing with great danger.

Usually, it's the younger demographic that is most affected by such content they need to be aware of the unrealistic false ideas of beauty that they view otherwise, they will be exposed to depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety, and food disorders.

How to take care of your self and the audience?

You can turn this around you can use your time wisely and consume what adds value to you, people should more often follow and consume media that represent their goals, passion, and life experience to help them grow and learn.

Some people even learn new skills, come up with innovative ideas, and get inspired to have a better life just through social media content.

It also works the other way around, where people start posting for self-validation and associate their self-worth with the number of followers and likes they have, this insecurity grows as people consume the wrong type of content for their mindset.

You not only need to consume content that helps you grow but also share content for the right reasons and not for self-validation and attention.

How do we relate this to brands and businesses?

How many agencies and marketing teams faced an issue where their clients emphasized on the quantity of publishing over the quality and relevancy of the content published?

This is a major issue faced which is the lack of awareness that your audience will not relate to you based on the number of posts published per week, however, based on how they can relate to the information you portray.

Brands need to understand their audience, what they are interested in and the type of content they relate to which is majorly done through engaging content, A/B testing, and surveys.

Once you have a clear overview of your audience it is time to find content that is relevant to them, adds value to them, educates them, and keeps them interested.

People highly interact with human-centered content that they can emotionally and mentally relate to, they want to learn more about the people and the message behind their favorite brand. Sadeem Kheder Social Communication & Relations Director Edited by: Nora Al Fard