Is having a degree not enough anymore?

Hey there,

So, you have a degree but genuinely want to pursue a different path, or you recently finished high-school and are looking for opportunities outside the academic field.

You might have a friend who graduated and kept their degree as a souvenir sitting there, or maybe under a pile unused.

You have the accountant or finance degree individual who is all of a sudden interested in pursuing design, or art.

We heard those stories; they might be from our own chapters too.

It is the skill that helps the person grow both materially financially with respect to the status, importance, social respect and recognition, a certificate or degree definitely has its own importance, as a person needs to have some skill to achieve the degree or a certificate.

A degree is a path, probably not everyone's first choice and that is totally okay, however, we continue to learn, grow and not limit ourselves by what we majored in college or an institute or simply a high-school degree.

For example to enhance the workflow and communication if you're a project manager or an account manager it is good to learn the basics of design, so go on check those online classes and learn how to operate adobe tools, or maybe you're more interested in data and how to grow an account and business.

Data analysis can be a major help in knowing your demographic and allows you to expand your audience.

You can also learn about SEO (search engine optimization) to know exactly how to be at the top of your business.

There's an ability to expand creatively and pick up a writing class or photography lessons or maybe it's negotiation skills you're looking for.

All of these skills can be learned with a click of a button, from the following websites.

In this day and age of social media, digital presence makes it easier to be discovered by companies, post your art, write your blog, go out and grow your network because there are multiple ways to get the job you want and remember the thing that all successful people have in common is that they don't give up and continue to grow and learn. Nora Al Fard

Creative Copywriter